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This website grew out of an effort to protest policies promoted by AIPAC by a group of peace and justice activists in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We come from a variety of peace and justice organizations.  By organizing a visible protest at Bay Area AIPAC "membership events" in December, we hope to encourage debate about U.S. policy and to discredit the false perception that AIPAC speaks for most Americans or any particular ethnic group.  Furthermore,  we condemn the promotion of the  politics of militarism, occupation, and empire, and endeavor to replace those priorities of the status quo with a just and peaceful foreign policy based on fairness and international law.  We also desire that U.S. resources be used to support real human needs at home and abroad.  We actively oppose all forms of racism, and oppose any effort to  scapegoat any ethnic group for the world's ills. This website is part of that effort.

Gene St Onge  is a former Peace Corps volunteer.  Gene is a Lebanese-American and an organizer with Middle East Policy Advisory Committee (MEPAC).

Jeanie Shaterian, Past coordinator Bay Area Campaign to Free Mordechai Vanunu has long been active in the struggle for a just peace in the Middle East.

Jim Harris, has volunteered with the International Solidarity Movement, and has witnessed the occupation first-hand on two trips to occupied Palestine. 

What we Support: 

1.       We support U.S. policies that uphold international law and oppose those that are contrary to it.


2.       We abhor and condemn all acts of violence committed by the State of Israel against Palestinian civilians, and by Palestinian groups against Israeli civilians. We recognize the right of all peoples to live in safety and security. We support the use of nonviolent resistance and believe that all parties in a conflict are obligated to respect human life and dignity.


3.       We recognize that it is the special responsibility of an occupying power, as the most powerful party and often the only one with significant armed forces, to act in conformity with its moral and legal obligations and ensure its power is not misused. All signatories to the Fourth Geneva Convention, including Israel and the U.S, acknowledge this responsibility.


4.       Accordingly, we  hold that the U.S. must oppose all Israeli actions and policies that violate international law, including but not limited to:


a.       occupation of territories acquired by force of arms or coercion;

b.       alteration of the legal, physical or demographic status of occupied territories;

c.       denial of collective social rights, including normal economic, political and educational activity and freedom of movement;

d.       violations of human rights, including assassinations, imprisonment without charges, torture, denial of habeas corpus, collective punishment, and destruction of homes, orchards, farmland, and other property;

e.       denial of equal protection under the law, regardless of race, religion or ethnicity; and

f.        denial of refugee rights, including the right of return.


5.       We further affirm that U.S. foreign aid must not support or facilitate the violation of international law by its recipients, including Israel, and must be curtailed or stopped completely if the recipiant engages in a pattern of human rights violations.


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